The following questions are Frequently asked questions for customers who use Nikah service in Thailand with Araya Company

Q1:The process of Nikah in Thailand typically takes how many days?

Normally, the process is divided into three steps:

  1. Document preparation and verification: This depends on the readiness of the bride and groom in preparing various documents. If either party is not yet Muslim, there needs to be a period for conversion to Islam, including obtaining a certification. During this step, the company will assess the overall situation for both of you, including scheduling appropriate appointments.
  2. Nikah process: Usually takes one day, including document translation. However, there may be some discrepancies in government systems, so it’s advisable to allocate 1-2 extra days for this step.
  3. Document certification with the Konsulat: You’ll need to handle this step yourself, including booking appointments. This might take 2-3 days, depending on your actions.

The recommended duration for staying in Thailand is one week. However, if you have less time, please consult with us closely so we can plan together.

Q2:What are the fees involved in Nikah process in Thailand?

The fees depend on the package you choose for our services. However, the basic service fee includes:

  1. Administrative fee for the Islamic Center of Bangkok.
  2. Space rental fee for the Islamic Center of Bangkok.
  3. Document translation fee into Arabic or English.
  4. Coordination fee for smooth execution of the process.
  5. Fees for staff assistance, consultation, and information provision before the Nikah.
  6. Fees for staff and their transportation on the day of Nikah.

Q3:How would having ARAYA handle the Nikah in Thailand be better than doing it yourself?

ARAYA is a company specialized in managing Islamic weddings for both Muslim and non-Muslim individuals. We have expertise in wedding procedures, legal regulations both domestically and internationally, connections, and a management model developed specifically for this purpose. This ensures that we provide the smoothest coordination, management, and collaboration among the groom, bride, and all involved parties. We are confident that you will receive the most suitable experience for your Islamic wedding day, ensuring it is both meaningful and smoother than handling it on your own.

Q4:How can I trust your company?

Araya Nikah Planner and Consult Co., Ltd. is a registered value-added tax (VAT) company with the Thai government. You can verify us through our VAT number. Additionally, you can find various reviews about us, and you can verify our current address through Google Maps. Importantly, we are the first and only company with Muslim operators who have knowledge and understanding of Islamic weddings in Thailand. Moreover, we have religious scholars and advisors available for new Muslims who wish to convert to Islam.

Q5:How can I make payment for the services?

Services will commence after the company receives full payment. We recommend making the payment at least one month before the planned event to allow sufficient time for various procedures and document advice, which you may not be aware of. Payment can be made through various channels such as cash at our company office, bank transfer within Thailand, international bank transfer, or credit card via Meta Pay (with an additional 3% service charge). You can find details about payment methods at the following link.

Q6:Refund Policy

The company will be prepared to deliver services at the agreed-upon appointment time. In the event of a change in date, incomplete documentation, or any other circumstances that prevent the service from being rendered on the specified day, the company reserves the right not to issue refunds under any circumstances. It is understood that the company has fulfilled its obligations entirely as per the scheduled date and time.

Q7:Can I learn more about religion and convert to Islam with my partner?

Currently, the company offers training courses for new Muslims called “Pirate Wisdom.” Students can learn the fundamentals of Islam, rituals, and access necessary tools for Muslim living. Additionally, certification from the company and video recordings of the conversion process are provided for diplomatic purposes. The course duration is three days, and students can arrange their own schedules. For further details, you can click on the link provided.

Q8:What documents will I receive?

The documents you will receive may slightly differ between the Legally Nikah Record and the Non Legally Nikah Record, as outlined below:

✓ Legally Nikah Record:
A legally recognized Nikah certificate issued by the Central Islamic Committee, accompanied by translations in English and Arabic. This certificate can be used for legal certification at the Department of Consular Affairs in Thailand.

✓ Non Legally Nikah Record:
A Nikah certificate issued by Araya Nikah Planner (in English) solely for religious confirmation purposes.

Q9:Why is the Non Legally Nikah Record popular?

Many couples lead international lifestyles and prioritize religious principles over legal marriage status. In some countries, obtaining permission for marriage from the home country can be complex and cumbersome. Hence, the non-legally binding Nikah ceremony has become popular among certain groups. Despite its lack of legal recognition, we strive to conduct marriages according to Sharia principles, acknowledging the rights of the woman and confirming the Islamic status through our company’s specific documentation.

Q10:What information can’t I inquire about before using the service?

We are a consulting and support company, providing various information to help you successfully proceed with your endeavors. However, if you are not yet a client of our company, we cannot provide you with the following information:

  1. Details regarding document verification or the required documents.
  2. Information about contact numbers or transportation to the Nikah venue.
  3. Information about the process and other recommendations.

While our policy may restrict pre-client information, we assure you that you will have the best experience in conducting your Nikah in Thailand smoothly.





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