the ARAYA team collaborated with The Office of the Islamic Committee of Bangkok. at the hotel

Nikkah, or Islamic marriage, can be performed by people of all races and religions. However, when it comes to nikkah for a couple of different nationalities who wish to have their nikkah in Thailand and require certification, the process may vary to ensure that the documentation is legally valid and can be used for various purposes, such as submitting to the couple’s home country. Due to the strict procedures involved in nikkah, similar to registering for marriage at a district office, relatives and family members may not have the opportunity to participate in the ceremony. Therefore, most couples usually hold small separate receptions, such as a private wedding ceremony or a wedding party.

Documents required for Muslim wedding ceremonies with foreign Muslims:

Documents for Thai males or females:

  • Certificate of conversion to Islam (in case of new Muslim)
  • 2 copies of household registration with original documents in case of emergency
  • 2 copies of ID card (in case of women with head covering), with original documents in case of emergency
  • 10 1.5-inch photographs
  • In case of previously registered marriage, a divorce certificate is required

Documents for foreign males or females:

  • Passport and 2 copies
  • 10 1.5-inch photographs
  • Marriage permission letter from embassy (only in some countries, contact the officer for more information)
  • In case of previously registered marriage, a divorce certificate is required

Fees for conducting the ceremony:

  • update with officer

Other expenses related to the ceremony:

  • Mahr (dowry) that the groom gives to the bride (can be in cash or other forms), the amount must be informed to the officer on the day of the ceremony. The groom must send part or all of the money to the bride after the ceremony.
the ARAYA team collaborated with The Office of the Islamic Committee of Bangkok. at office

The process of conducting a nikkah with an international Muslim couple.

  1. When making a decision on the nikah, have them review additional documents (gathered at the end of the article) and collect any questions they may have to ask the officials.
  2. Contact the officials
  3. Since both parties must be Muslims to proceed with nikah, those who are not yet Muslim must first convert to Islam. Click here for the steps to convert, which must be done with proper legal certification.
  4. After converting to Islam, bring the certification to update the information on the identification card and, for women, take a new photo with hair covered.
  5. Call to double-check all documents and schedule an appointment with the officials for the nikah.
  6. On Nikah day, the officials will double-check all the documents and add additional information to the nikah certificate and the funeral manager certificate.
  7. The nikah will be performed by the officials at the Islamic Center(or Other vanue). During this process, the couple will be asked general questions about themselves and must provide necessary details. If the bride has no Muslim parent/guardian, a temporary guardian will be appointed for the nikah.
  8. After the nikah is completed, translate the certificate at the office.
  9. The groom is responsible for paying the mahar to the bride and the process is complete.

Special tip for coordinating and contacting for additional assistance:

  1. Contacting on your own is the most cost-effective option.
  2. If you are ARAYA’s custormer we will help you to coordinate, initially can help improve communication with officials.
    check detail of our service here
  3. You should allow at least 4-6 months to prepare for this as it is the first thing that needs to be sorted out before booking the wedding team and venues for your Islamic wedding ceremony in Thailand. Consult with Araya for more information so that you can plan everything systematically. See you





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