Nikah in Thailand has become easier. You can fly to Thailand, have a Nikah on the same day, and immediately return with our systematic service. Our services include both Legally-Nikah Ceremony and Non Legally-Nikah Ceremony, along with Nikah Specialist where you can send documents for initial review without any charges. Nikah is back to simplicity once again. ARAYA and Thailand welcome you .Document Checklist

Service DetailsBronzeSilverGold
Support Legal and Non-legal Nikah Ceremony
Coordinate and provide advice on the preparation of Nikah documents of Legal and Non-legal Nikah
Review documents and give advice before buy packageFreeFreeFree
2 witness and wali for doing the nikah
No additional fees for the relevant officials (for Legal Nikah)
Certification documents for Nikah that can be submitted to the consulate (for Legal Nikah).
Schedule appointments and act as a representative for arranging Nikah appointments
Nikah ceremony tools – Tray for dowry, Ring, Quran
Meeting room for nikah
Photographers and Lighting for photographs
Deliver the photos as an online gallery within 1 week, which can be used to confirm the marital status with various embassies
Staff support for Nikah
Date milk and Coffee break after Nikah
As a gift of your bride
Bridal Groom and Bridal Outfit
Makeup and Hijab Stylist
A car service from hotel to Nikah meeting room
Fresh flower bouquet for the bride
Full Wedding Reception
MC for Run and Event (English)
4 Star Halal Venue for Nikah & reception
Floral backdrop decoration
Nikah Stage Backdrop decoration
Halal Catering
A maximum number of guests for the event4460+
Full Nikah and Wedding reception in thailand

The steps are as follows for Package  Bronze and Silver

1.Send document for  review  and give advice before buy package.

2.Pay the package to account of company (Cash , Visa and MasterCard by Facebook Metapay)

3. Notify me of the desired Nikah dates in Bangkok 3-5 days in advance for planning purposes.

4.Company will check the date for Nikah and confirm

5. start scheduling appointments and inform you of the documents both of you will need. I will coordinate everything for you.

6.. Inform me of your accommodation in Bangkok.

7. Before the appointment day, my officer will visit you at your accommodation to check all the original documents to ensure everything runs smoothly.

8. On the appointment day, a car will pick you up from your hotel meeting room (Only package Silver) (. The Nikah ceremony will be performed, and then you will be returned to your hotel along with the translated document that can be used at the embassy. Your Islamic wedding pictures will be online and can be used for confirmation with the embassy

Non legally Nikah Ceremony in Thailand

**note**  Package Gold is full organise nikah and reception service Consult Nikah Specailst before use this package