The following is a list of basic necessary documents required to register for a Nikah (Muslim marriage ceremony). This applies to both legally recognised international Nikah and Non-Legal Nikah.

Legallery-NikahNon-Legallery Nikah With ARAYA Company
✅ 2 copies of passport
✅ 10 of 1.5-inch photos
✅ Show Drowy in Documentation
✅ Marriage permission letter from embassy
✅ Single status or divorce certificate

Addition for Thai people
✅ Copy of the ID card page
✅ Household registration
✅ Names and id card of parents
✅ Muslim name
✅ Signing of Non-Legal Nikah Ceremony Agreement
✅ Online Copies of bride and groom’s passports
✅ Online Copy of bride’s guardian’s ID or passport
✅ Guardian meeting online for marriage representative appointment

This is a list of documents you need to prepare for each type of Nikah registration. However, there may be slight changes, so please check again for Nikah in Thailand.

Comparison between Legallery-Nikah and Non-Legallery Nikah


  • Compliant with Islamic religious principles
  • The Nikah documentation can be used as legal documents internationally in countries that recognize them
  • Takes more time and requires more paperwork
  • Involves more related documents
  • Some countries do not allow this form of Nikah due to state agreements

Non-Legallery Nikah

  • Compliant with Islamic religious principles
  • The Nikah documentation cannot be used as any kind of legal document
  • Requires less time to prepare documents
  • No restrictions on the origins of the participants in the Nikah
  • The woman’s family status needs to be confirmed.

What is Non-Legallery Nikah Ceremony Agreement From ARAYA

The Non-Legal Nikah Ceremony Agreement is a documentation system developed by a company to enable Nikah ceremonies, in accordance with Islamic principles, in Thailand. This document helps to separate religious issues from the legal issues of the state and international law, and aims to allow involved parties to conduct a Nikah in accordance with their religious beliefs.

The agreement developed by the company emphasizes the lack of legal implications, to prevent any misunderstandings between the parties involved and to plan for the prevention of any legal impacts on the individuals conducting the Nikah and others. It also reminds the couple to verify that they are in the correct status according to religious principles before entering into the Nikah.

Through this system, the couple can conduct the Nikah according to Islamic principles and lead a Halal marital life, by distinguishing between international law and the universal principles of Islamic morality.

example of Non-Legallery Nikah Ceremony Agreement between the couple from Kuwait and Uzbekistan was conducted at ARAYA in Thailand.